Society Of Beggars are an alternative rock & roll band based in Melbourne, Australia.

Twenty years ago, Society Of Beggars would have been banging around Berlin’s dark corners with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, or silently watching the industrial fallout of late 80’s Manchester. But they’re not – They’re here now, in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, creating music to reclaim the throne of authenticity and depth in modern rock & roll. After releasing debut single, “Hyena” and follow-up, “Terrible Rain” in 2015, the band played to audiences across Australia, gaining notoriety as one of Melbourne’s most energetic and visceral live acts. They came to encounter famed producer Lindsay Gravina (Rowland S Howard, The Living End, Violent Soho) in a meeting that stretched out into the early hours, mapping out a darker and more mature approach to their songwriting and studio output. The result is an EP that taps into the nostalgia, comfort and energy of the night-time An EP Called Night.

Society Of Beggars are Yianni Michalopoulos (lead vocals), Jim Michalopoulos (guitar), Dibi (drums) and new member, Nicoli Foulstone (bass).